Ways to Give
As Christians we do not give because we have to give.  We give because we get to give!  Giving is not an obligation, it is an opportunity.  The reason we give is because giving follows the example of the life of Jesus Christ.  He taught us that the essence of life is not what we get, but is found in what we give.

General Budget Fund

– Provides the financial resources that fund our day-in and day-out ministries.

Mortgage/Capital Fund

– This fund is a way to give over and above regular giving for debt reduction.

Trustee’s/Facilities Fund

– Used for facility repairs/replacements (like parking and heating/air conditioning improvements).

Faith Promise Fund

– A way to give over and above regular giving that supports the mission ministries of the church for outreach.  

Pastor’s Benevolence Fund

– Used to help those with immediate assistance needs in our community (like rent, utilities, transportation and clothing).

Pastor’s Ministry Fund

– Used to allow us to respond to unexpected ministry opportunities that present themselves in our community.